Welcome to IATROS
Iatros is a company founded in 2012 by former Roche Diagnostic International executives building on more than 20 years of experience in pre-clinical, clinical development, strategic marketing and scientific affairs and a unique international network with the clinical, academic and industrial communities. This enables Iatros GmbH to understand and master current and future market situations and to identify gaps and opportunities
Our Goal
Our primary goal is to provide medical/scientific support and advice on the clinical utility and medical value of R&D projects in the area of personalized health care and companion diagnostics, which Iatros founders pioneered since its initial conceptual formulation.  
Our Service
Iatros will assist start-ups and small/medium companies that may lack dedicated resources in their strategic planning, especially in the field of companion diagnostics in infectious disease and oncology. In addition, Iatros will support venture capital and financial organizations in the assessment of their investment projects.